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What to do if you HATE your current apartment?

September 25th, 2018


Rule #1 in any crisis situation:┬áDON’T PANIC! Sometimes with a little bad luck, you find yourself stuck in a lease for a place that just isn’t going to work for you. Maybe its become too expensive or you lost your job, maybe your neighbor upstairs is hosting a rave every other weeknight until 4 am, or maybe your landlord is just terrible or unresponsive. There are a number of potential options to get out of your apartment. Here are a few tips:

Contact your agent

The agent who rented your apartment will hopefully feel some responsibility to help you since he’s the one you placed you there. Hopefully, he can help you find a place at a reduced rate if you are a returning customer.

Consider subletting

Check with your agent first and review your lease carefully as most leases have a clause regarding subletting (its often found in the addendum). Most often there’s a clause allowing you to get out of your lease if you can find a suitable replacement tenant which the owner approves. Some landlords will charge you a fee of up to 1 month’s rent or expect you to pay any rent between the time you leave and the new tenant begins, so try to give as much notice as possible to your landlord. Spring and summer months are generally easier to find new renters. If your lease does not mention subletting or forbids it, it’s still worth contacting your agent or landlord to run the idea by them as exceptions can often be made.

Ask the landlord

Ask the landlord what it will take to break your lease if possible approach them politely and explain what it is that’s not working out for you. Maybe it’s something they can fix. Usually, landlords are more sympathetic to unavoidable circumstances such as job relocation, loss of a job, illness, or emergency.

Start Looking

Start searching for a new apartment as early as possible, but DON’T sign for a new place until you’ve worked out an arrangement with your landlord!

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