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Learn how to crush it as an agent in a post-pandemic world

Club Realty Boston has remained busy throughout all of 2020 and into 2021, serving the needs of individuals who still need housing despite the Covid pandemic. We are a small and dynamic firm, able to shift quickly to the challenges presented in the modern post-pandemic real estate market. We allow agents to work from home and offer virtual showings and contactless showings when needed. We have always believed in leveraging the web and social media in order to provide a highly efficient and unparalleled real estate experience for both our agents and our clients.

Boston real estate offers a long term career opportunity and a lifestyle with many perks

  • Learn skills to run yourself as a small business and maximize income streams
  • Independence and flexibility with the ability to build your own work schedule
  • Daily or weekly training, either in person or fully remote video training
  • Zero desk fees or hidden fees
  • Access to tens of thousands of apartment listings and hundreds of landlord contacts
  • Learn a ton about the different aspects of Real Estate and its wealth building opportunities:
    • How to Invest in Real Estate
    • Property Management
    • Mortgages/Finance
    • Online & Traditional Marketing
    • Business Tech
    • Networking
    • Much More


Our Company Services:

Rentals, Sales, Condos, Multi-Family, Investments, Parking. Room Shares, Property Management, and much more…A career in real estate can be fun, challenging, and lucrative.

A career in real estate can be fun, challenging, and lucrative. Here are some of the top reasons to consider working in Real Estate for Club Realty:



We believe in fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients and fellow agents.


Compensation – Flexible and Unique Opportunities

We believe that success in sales comes from being able to see a direct connection between the effort you put in and the reward for that effort in the form of exponentially increasing compensation. We start agents with a higher than average commission split and offer a tiered quota system enabling further commission splits once certain sales benchmarks have been achieved throughout the year.  We offer additional compensation for agents who want to go above and beyond including increased commissions for listings acquired by the agent and bonuses for contributing content to our database. Never be tied to a flat salary or commission rate when your time is worth so much more!



Please contact a hiring manager for more information: Greg at for more information.

You must be licensed to work as a salesperson, but we can walk you through the licensing process and get you up and running in no time.



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