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What to do if you HATE your current apartment?

What to do if you HATE your current apartment?

8 Tricks to Avoid Paying a Full Broker Fee

Securing a new apartment is expensive enough and paying a full fee can sometimes be overkill and put your bank account in the red zone. Most agencies will charge a 1 month fee due before move-in when you use their services, but did you know that most agencies will also almost always negotiate on the broker fee? Here are some great tips to help convince even a hardened realtor to soften up on the fee:

1. Just ask. It never hurts to try, the worst they can say is no.

2. Offer to refer a friend. If the agency is going to make more money by renting a second place from a referral, many times they will settle for a reduced fee. Be ready to have them contact an actual friend or acquaintance who is actively looking.

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