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8 Tricks to Avoid Paying a Full Broker Fee

September 25th, 2018

Securing a new apartment is expensive enough and paying a full fee can sometimes be overkill and put your bank account in the red zone. Most agencies will charge a 1 month fee due before move-in when you use their services, but did you know that most agencies will also almost always negotiate on the broker fee? Here are some great tips to help convince even a hardened realtor to soften up on the fee:


1. Just ask

It never hurts to try, the worst they can say is no.


2. Offer to refer a friend

If the agency is going to make more money by renting a second place from a referral, many times they will settle for a reduced fee. Be ready to have them contact an actual friend or acquaintance who is actively looking.


3. Offer  services in trade

Offer to discount them services on your work (depending on your line of work). Maybe you can get them discounts or comps at your restaurant, maybe its free web design, or free legal advice, whatever your profession!


4. Offer to write them a good online review or testimonial.

Many agencies are happy to have reviews as it ads value to their business.


5. Offer to return to them next year when you rent again or buy a place!

Again the buy two, get one half off thoery applies here…


6. Offer to pay everything up front to complete the deal.

This makes their job easier. Getting your rental deal done quickly means they can move on to the next and time is money.


7. Offer to promote them on social media after the deal is done.

Your personalized referral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can all help them generate more business.


8. Look for promos or discounts listed on their website or social media.

Remember that whenever negotiating a discount, many agents will be happy to work with you if you are cooperative, make their job easier, and are offering something of value in return such as more business for them!


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